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This is The World...and somewhere, the Fakari know they are on it.....

Who are the Fakari?

Time-compressed since the Dawn of their Existence, the Fakari disdain the usual ritual of asking directions, they simply begin traveling to the location of the next tribal conclave, trusting in their Gods of Direction to enable them to arrive at the appointed place at the most fortuitous time.

It is from this demonstrated lack of directional concern that they derive their name, for when they are attempting a tribal 'hook-up', tribe members have been known to pray to their directional Deities by lifting their heads up during the journey and shouting "Where the Fakari???!", seeking favor from the Gods for a successful conclusion to the journey.

The Fakari are the first to admit that their Gods are a capricious lot.

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It's 2014 2017 2019, by most reckonings, and The Fakari Tribe is about to be back ...
but, back where? And, WHEN? 

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list." - Susan Sontag
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